About The Company

Tank IT specializes in ‘connecting the dots’ from business strategy to operational efficiency using information and communication technology that delivers actionable decisions.

To achieve that, Tank IT not only focuses on operational, bespoke application architecture, design, development and maintenance but on data governance, systems and data integrations, data warehousing, business intelligence, infrastructure provisioning and the programme and project management thereof; experience that has been gained in a wide range of industry sectors including government, mining, manufacturing, retail, telecommunications and healthcare.

From The Horse's Mouth

"A young, dynamic company, Tank IT has the agility to engage on a number of different fronts. Tank IT is currently seeking public-private partnership opportunities with local and national governments as well as investigating ubiquitous mobile location based services as a medium for advertisers."
Boaz "Bowie" Muyutu, C.E.O. and Chief Architect

Our Services


You can grab the opportunity to mince with this new upcoming and future Technology Giant by contacting us at bowiem@tankit.co.za or alternatively giving us a call on
+27 (81) 535-2860